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A: The Outpost 6.5 uses a proprietary camper construction methodology created by a company called Total Composites. This composite camper body uses a unique method of construction that maintains an industry leading R12 insulation value, and is virtually thermal transfer free, mitigating almost all risk of condensation.

A. The Outpost 6.5 is currently in production with an expectation of delivery for the first units of July, 2024. Please contact us to see where your reservation is in the queue and we’ll do our best to give you an accurate estimate..

A. The base model Outpost 6.5 starts at $34,995.00 plus taxes

A. Yes. Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our financing partner.

A.Final figures are still being determined, but the target dry weight for the Outpost 6.5 is 1500 lbs.

A. With an advanced electrical system capable of charging via solar and your vehicle’s alternator, abundant water storage, and industry leading insulation value, the Outpost 6.5 allows you to maintain a new level of comfort without relying on grid power.

A. The advanced Lithium Ion electrical system standard on the Outpost 6.5 can recharge via solar, your vehicle’s alternator, or shore power.

A: The Outpost 6.5 comes with a 1 year limited warranty that begins on the date of delivery of the camper.

A: The Outpost 6.5 is a true slide-in camper designed to fit full size ½ ton trucks and up. 

A: Outpost Campers are currently sold directly to the customer from our manufacturing headquarters in Southwest Colorado.

A: Contact us to see about shipping options to your location.

A: Outpost Campers are currently only sold directly to customers from our headquarters in SW Colorado. 

A: The Outpost 6.5 can be secured in multiple ways to your truck. There is an internal tie-down for the rear of the camper, and external tie-down options for the front and rear built onto the camper that work with conventional truck camper mounting options. We’ll be releasing a truck fitment guide soon.

A: The Outpost 6.5 is fully removable from the truck using the four standard manual camper jacks. When the camper is not secured to a truck, it is necessary to support the cabover portion for safety reasons.

A: The Outpost 6.5 is pre-wired for a Nomadic X2 48v DC air conditioner. This can be added later or included as an option for pre-built orders. Adding the air conditioner replaces the Maxxair roof fan.

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