Adventure Has No Off Season.

The next generation of truck campers is here. Built on the composite camper platform tested at the North Pole, the Outpost 6.5 is the ultimate off-grid camper designed to get you out there in comfort, regardless of the season. 

Secure your dream with a 100% refundable deposit of $1,000.00

Meet the All new Outpost 6.5

First units in production now

Built with four seasons in mind. This camper is designed to keep you out there in comfort and ease.

Embrace adventure year-round with the Outpost 6.5 truck camper, built for standard half-ton and up trucks. This lightweight champion lives to explore hidden gems without sacrificing comfort thanks to its nimble and thoughtful design. Crafted with proven systems, premium materials and meticulous detail, the Outpost 6.5 tackles any adventure with ease.  Gear up for freedom and flexibility – the Outpost 6.5 awaits.

  • Weight
    • 1558 lbs. dry weight
  • Floor
    • 76”
  • Sleeps
    • 2-3
  • Center of Gravity
    • 23.5″ from front wall
  • Fit
    • Full Size 1/2 ton truck and up
  • Interior Height
    • 77”
  • Fuel Source(s)
    • Diesel Heat (option)
    • Electric for everything else
  • Center of gravity
    • Coming Soon
  • Fresh Water Capacity
    • 20 gallons
  • Power Station 
    • 2000 watt hour (upgradeable to 4000 watt hour) battery bank
    • 3600 Watt Inverter
    • 50 Amp DC-DC Charger
    • Dual Solar MPPT Charge Controllers
  • Bed Dimension
    • 58” x 77”
  • Exterior Dimensions
    • 49.25” W x 134.25” L x 82” H
  • Insulation Rating
    • R12

Adventure Ready Campers are just $34,995.

Lock yours in with a $1,000 Deposit • 100% Refundable

All the performance & comfort packaged in a lightweight rig made to keep you going.

Built with arctic tested composite camper shell technology, the Outpost 6.5 boasts an industry leading R-12 insulation value with a virtually thermal transfer free construction method that eliminates condensation issues that have plagued campers for decades. The future of four season truck campers is here.

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What stands out?

Rugged in all

Lightweight, composite construction that extends your adventures to all seasons. 

Electric Powered, Redundant charging.

No need for propane. Induction electric cooking is powered by the camper’s robust self-regenerating electrical system, and safe, efficient heat can be provided with the optional German engineered Espar Diesel heater.

Lightweight, Aluminum Cabinetry.

Built to last a lifetime, the Outpost 6.5 is built with powder coated aluminum cabinets that provide a warm, cozy feel, and decades of durability without sacrificing your truck’s payload.

Lock in yours with a 100% Refundable Deposit.

Yep you read that correctly. Lock in your camper with a 100% refundable deposit of $1,000. We’ll contact you before your camper goes into production to tidy up the rest of the details.

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Your deposit will be fully refundable up until your camper goes into production.


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Options and Integrations

Induction offers lightning-fast boil times and precise temperature control, letting you whip up gourmet meals off the grid. Unlike propane, induction boasts a clean electric operation that eliminates the risk of open flames and carbon dioxide. Enjoy cooler cooking temperatures and a healthier environment for you and the outdoors. Plus, the smooth, easy-to-clean surface makes post-dinner cleanup a breeze. Power your culinary adventures anywhere with the efficiency, safety, and eco-friendly benefits of induction cooking.

The Outpost 6.5 comes standard with an industry leading Lithium Ion power system that can generate power from your truck, solar, or the grid. Upgrade your systems capacity with extra battery and solar options for even longer off-grid adventures.

Built on the tried and true Total Composites shell the Outpost 6.5 boasts an insulation factor of R12 and zero condensation while being completely bombproof. If you aren’t familiar with TC they have been building expedition vehicles for years including a rig that drove to the magnetic North Pole in 2023. Needless to say, the Outpost 6.5 gives you the freedom to adventure year-round regardless of the weather.

20 gallons provides plenty of water to keep you going deeper on your adventures.

Built to last a lifetime, the Outpost 6.5 is built with powder coated aluminum cabinets that provide a warm, cozy feel, and decades of durability without sacrificing your truck’s payload.

High-Quality Systems Make high-quality campers.

ready to take on any adventure?

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